Thursday, August 20, 2009


Throughout this blog, I’m going to be adding posts of some of my crazier stories related to the pregnancy. Some will say I’ve said too much, others may just appreciate knowing what your Momma never told you about pregnancy. And no worries, there will be no holding back on my birth story. You will get all the gory details…even the ones you wish you never knew; especially the ones that will keep you up at night blinded with horrifying visions.

I’ll be adding these as I remember them. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the infamous “prego brain”, well, it’s no joke! I am very surprised I passed all my classes this last semester seeing how my brain has shrunk. I actually walked out of my house TWICE with no shirt on. (yes, I promptly turned around when I felt the draft and heard a few neighbors gasp).

As a warning, I have no problem discussing bodily fluids or bodily functions, so expect some gore and a little TMI. I'm the type of person that researches and reads EVERYTHING. I hate surprises and not knowing details, so I knew a little too much prior to getting pregnant and what I didn't know, Google pointed me in the right direction. The internet has been my best friend. Dr. Sears is another. Trust me, there just might be some useful information on this blog for you. Or it could just be terrifying, either way, I hope it's entertaining.

So I’m going to reflect on my pregnancy thus far. Stay tuned…

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