Monday, August 31, 2009

All plugged up? Not anymore...

Ok, so here's where the squeamish people get a warning. This will be TMI for most, but informational for others. Feel free to skip this post if you get grossed out. I figure this is part of the pregnancy that nobody speaks of, but that's not my style, as you will soon find out.

After my last discussion with the doctor about induction, I researched and asked around for natural ways to speed up labor. I ate a pineapple, which has bromelain and has the same properties as prostaglandins, which are also found in sperm. Prostaglandins help aid in the softening of the cervix. I ate a mango as well, same thing. I had salad with balsamic vinegar, ate eggplant, sat on my birth ball for hours, did squats and went for short walks (short because I huff and puff and waddle too much). I felt alot of pressure down yonder all day yesterday and this morning woke up and lost what I believe is my mucus plug. It was quite the surprise, and quite gross. I tried to get John to take a look but he was disgusted by thought. And I also thought for a minute to take a picture, but even I have limits.

So this morning (39 weeks 3 days) I had another NST at 7:30am. I went in all excited to tell the nurse that I had lost my plug and all she said was "Oh that's good. So it could be plus or minus 2 weeks until labor kicks in." What? I thought I read that it could happen anywhere from 24-72 hours after losing the plug? Oh well, on to Plan B I suppose...but what exactly is Plan B? Guess we'll find out on Wednesday.

The NST went very well. Baby boy was bouncing all over the place, but I unfortunately was not having any contractions whatsoever. The ultrasound showed the fluid level up slightly at 9.1 and I was told that if it gets lower than 8, I'll be monitored daily, if it dips below 6, I'll be admitted. Well, I don't know if we'll get to that seeing that Wednesday I'll be making some decisions with my Doctor about when and how to induce.

I received a great phone call from my Grandmother today. She told me to stop wasting time and take castor oil like she did to have her babies. She's had 5 so I suppose she knows what she's talking about. I told her I'd consider it after my appointment on Wednesday. I really think that the appointment will show some progress and I'll hopefully be more dilated.

I'm so excited at this point and just plain old ready for baby to come!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scare tactics

This is why I loathe doctors. They dwell on worst case scenarios (age, weight, stillbirth, previous surgeries). As if I don’t already do that for myself. I mean, I LIVE for worst case scenarios so that anything better is GREAT! I mean forget the fact that I don’t have Gestational Diabetes or Pre-Eclampsia like they were certain I would (and yes, I know I can still develop it). Overall, I’ve had a very healthy pregnancy, minus the whole low progesterone/shot in the butt deal and my own paranoid thoughts.
Today I am 38 weeks, 6 days. I had an appointment with the doctor and I’m still just 40% effaced and now 1 cm dilated. So this set her into motion using buzz words like “induction,” “c section,” “Cytotec,” “c section,”, “Pre-eclampsia,” “placental failure,” “stillbirth,” and did I mention “c section?”
She knows I am paranoid. She knows I research EVERYTHING. When I asked about using Cervidil instead of Cytotec she gave me some bs answer that they don’t make Cervidil anymore and they use Cytotec. Well, that just doesn’t work for me. A) I don’t buy bs, B) the FDA has NOT approved the use of Cytotec for inductions and C) Cervidil is widely used nationwide. Spare me Doc…can’t shut me up with your BS…and you think she’d know better by now. At least I do…
So we ended the discussion with a “we’ll make a plan at the next appointment.” Off I went to have my NST and see what the fluid levels were. The baby was in full motion today (guess he enjoyed the granola bar I scarfed down in the waiting room). So that was great. Then we did the ultrasound and the fluid levels seemed to be lower at 8.6cm. Anything 5 and under is cause for automatic induction or c-section as that would be deemed LOW and could cause distress on the baby. So since it’s lowering, I got the grave talk about watching for kick counts, come in as fast as I could if I didn’t feel the baby move, etc. As if I don’t already freak out enough. I am hyperaware of this baby’s movements and when he doesn’t move, I get out the trusty fetal stethoscope I thankfully purchased at 13 weeks pregnant. And as the lovely staff in Labor and Delivery know, I’m not afraid to show up for monitoring.
Needless to say, I am not a doctor, but I am not an idiot either and these kinds of scare tactics just burn my buns.
That’s all for rants today.
I bought some eggplant, balsamic vinegar and have been sitting on my birth ball non-stop. I’ve even talked to the baby and let him know that we are ready for him to come out and please put some pressure on my cervix. I’m hoping he’s an obliging child. He’s a Virgo, he should be on time, if not early, right?! It’s pretty funny all the things people are telling me to try to go into labor. They are funny, but I find myself trying them. Only time will tell and it seems like we’re running out of that.
Oh to be an “Advanced Maternal Aged mom.”

Stay tuned …

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random stuff

1. I know EXACTLY what day we conceived.
2. It was a Friday and a full moon that day.
3. I knew what day to test because my boob hurt for 30 seconds.
4. I felt incredibly ill all day and night for 3 months.
5. I learned how to inject a 22 gage needle in my butt, without assistance. I did it for 10 weeks.
6. I take 10 vitamins a day: prenatal, C, Iron, B6, B12, B complex, Folic Acid, DHA/Omega, Calcium and D.
7. I didn’t gain any weight in the entire first trimester.
8. I ate noodle soup (Pho or ramen) almost everyday in the first trimester.
9. I ate a bag of potatoes in the beginning of the 2nd trimester and gained 7 pounds by my next Dr. appointment.
10. I haven’t eaten potatoes much since.
11. Every Tuesday and Thursday at school I would eat ginger and saltines throughout my class.
12. I cried inconsolably while my husband tried to show me how to do an algebra equation.
13. I cried during my Math final.
14. I cried after my Math final.
15. I never got out of my pj’s on non-school days, unless I had a doctor appointment. I still don’t.
16. Metamucil does NOT work.
17. I drink at least a gallon of water every single day.
18. I’ve given up coffee, caffeine, deli meats and sushi since I found out I was pregnant.
19. I’ve requested a subway sandwich and Café Vanilla for my first post baby meal. Sushi for my second.
20. I cried for powdered donuts.
21. I made my husband walk to the store for ice cream at 9pm. I had one teaspoon of it and was done. I didn’t feel bad about it.
22. I once baked 3 batches of different cookies so I could have one of each.
23. My hair has gotten thicker and now has a weird frizz to it.
24. The hair on my legs doesn’t grow anymore. I wish I could say the same about the grays on my head.
25. I wore the same pair of black sweat pants and baggy t-shirts for 5 months.
26. I have exactly 1 pair of maternity jeans, 2 pairs of capris and 2 skirts that fit and I’ve worn the entire pregnancy.
27. My maternity jeans finally started fitting me at 7 ½ months.
28. I’ve never found a pair of underwear that’s been comfortable with a pregnant body. Under the belly? Over the belly? It’s just not right…
29. I quickly found out that bright patterns DO NOT work on a pregnant body.
30. My boobs have already grown 4 cup sizes and I’m terrified of how big they will end up.
31. I had a dream that I suffocated the baby with my boob.
32. I will never make fun of the chicks in a National Geographic magazine again.
33. I sleep with one body pillow, 3 regular pillows, a neck roll pillow and a mini pillow. I could probably use more.
34. I sleep with 2 fans a foot away from me to beat the heat. It doesn’t work.
35. I eat a bowl of cheerios every night at about 10:30pm.
36. Every Friday I make John sing Happy (insert pregnancy week)with me to the baby (ie. “Happy 38th week to you….and 2 more!”)
37. I play the pregnancy card by rubbing my belly and getting people to help me, get up from their table, open doors or give me things.
38. I worry about my baby constantly and listen to his heartbeat at least 5 times a day.
39. I think about my next meal/snack as I’m eating one.
40. I read and sing to the baby every day.
41. I practiced swaddling a princess teddy bear when I thought we were having a girl.
42. I’ve practiced swaddling a stuffed frog since we found out it’s a boy.
43. I read way to many baby books. I think I’m on my 16th book and that doesn’t include medical articles on the internet or message boards with experienced mothers.
44. Vaccinations scare the hell out of me and I can’t seem to research it enough.
45. I spent an hour questioning the Pediatrician during our half hour interview.
46. I spent another hour debating with my OB about vaccinations and child rearing.
47. Doctors hate me.
48. I’ve passed 4 Gestational Diabetes tests. Pretty sure I don’t have it…
49. I watch a Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby and Birth Day every weekday for 2 hours. I cry at every birth.
50. I secretly want a home birth in a birthing tub.
51. I say I want to have a med free birth, but reserve the right to change my mind.
52. I’m afraid of the things I’ll say and do during labor. I’ve said my apologies in advance and contemplate putting them in my birth plan.
53. I’ve had a birth plan made and printed up for months. I’ve sent it to my mom and John with the subject line “Learn it, Love it, Live it.”
54. I’m not afraid of going poo on the table. Shit happens. Happy Birthday.
55. I have become quite crunchy in the way I want to raise my child (attachment parenting, baby wearing, cloth diapers…)
56. People tell me daily that I’m going to need to be flexible during labor and child rearing. As if…
57. I carry all my ultrasound pictures in a photo album in my purse.
58. I haven’t eaten gummy bears since his 2nd ultrasound because he resembled one.
59. I close my eyes every day for few minutes trying to picture what he looks like.
60. I hope he has his Dad’s eyes and my teeth.
61. I had a dream he had red hair and blue eyes. Anything is possible.
62. I really want him to have a moon face.
63. Our nickname for baby is Mooner (conceived on a full moon, remember?) , but also Moon Face- Block Head- Comma Toe. (don’t ask, but know it comes from a loving place)
64. The baby layed transverse until my 7th month. He’s been laying on my right side the rest of the time, creating a lopsided belly.
65. I weigh myself about 25 times a day.
66. I have gained 16 pounds as of today (38 weeks 2 days).
67. I started waddling and rubbing my belly when I found out I was pregnant.
68. I really wanted a Virgo baby, and I’m going to get one.
69. I (secretly) love it when people rub my belly.
70. I only talk about baby stuff. Before pregnancy and during…I’m sure it’ll be worse when he’s here.
71. I talk about ALL the details of my pregnancy with my friends, even the details they just don’t want to hear.
72. I used to shop for makeup and clothes. Now I research and shop for diapers and baby gadgets.
73. I already own 4 baby carriers.
74. I practice wearing them with the stuffed frog.
75. I’ve had the nursery and all his clothes and blankets washed and ready for a month.
76. I had to get a 7 passenger car to accommodate baby and his “stuff.”
77. I’ve had the car seat installed for a month too.
78. I sit in the nursery twice a day to feel closer to baby (even though he’s as close as he can get).
79. I can’t stand people that tell me I have too much or don’t need something. If I want it, I’ll get it. Let me decide!
80. I had my hospital bag lists typed up for months.
81. I packed all 3 of my bags, labeling them “Labor and Delivery,” “Hospital Stay,” and “Baby Bag.” The boppy is already in the car.
82. I packed a baby book in the labor bag so John and my Mom can refer to “partner” sections so they’ll know what to do.
83. I am praying that no one tells me to “relax” during delivery. I pity the fool…
84. I have vowed not to allow any TV for the first 2 years of his life, however, reserve the right to change my mind.
85. I didn’t renew my People magazine subscription because I’ve already subscribed to 3 baby magazines.
86. I watched the Little League World Series in hopes that someday I’ll be cheering my little boy on there some day.
87. I cried when my husband told a friend that in a few years he’d be “taking his son hunting on Opening Day for his birthday.” (because it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard)
88. I’ll admit I’m afraid I’m going to feel left out when it’s a “boys only” trip.
89. I love my husband more every time I feel our little boy, knowing he’s part me and part him.
90. I want to be a Den Mother, T ball coach, room mother and have that house that all his friends want to hang out at.
91. We still don’t have a name for him.
92. I know my boy is going to be cute.
93. I know my boy will be smart.
94. I know my boy will have a strong personality. Impossible not to with a Mom and Dad like us.
95. I know that I’ve never loved anyone more than I love my boy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Throughout this blog, I’m going to be adding posts of some of my crazier stories related to the pregnancy. Some will say I’ve said too much, others may just appreciate knowing what your Momma never told you about pregnancy. And no worries, there will be no holding back on my birth story. You will get all the gory details…even the ones you wish you never knew; especially the ones that will keep you up at night blinded with horrifying visions.

I’ll be adding these as I remember them. I’m sure you’ve all heard about the infamous “prego brain”, well, it’s no joke! I am very surprised I passed all my classes this last semester seeing how my brain has shrunk. I actually walked out of my house TWICE with no shirt on. (yes, I promptly turned around when I felt the draft and heard a few neighbors gasp).

As a warning, I have no problem discussing bodily fluids or bodily functions, so expect some gore and a little TMI. I'm the type of person that researches and reads EVERYTHING. I hate surprises and not knowing details, so I knew a little too much prior to getting pregnant and what I didn't know, Google pointed me in the right direction. The internet has been my best friend. Dr. Sears is another. Trust me, there just might be some useful information on this blog for you. Or it could just be terrifying, either way, I hope it's entertaining.

So I’m going to reflect on my pregnancy thus far. Stay tuned…

37 Weeks 6 days

I had my weekly Doctor appointment today. 7:15 am! It's almost criminal to make appointments that early. Had a lovely chat with my Doctor and then she checked me out. I am still dilated a 1/2 cm and still 40% effaced, but now my cervix is soft. (Last week it was still hard). So I am progressing slowly, which is a good thing. I am full term tomorrow, but would like to have him in September. (don't ask, I just do!)

After the appointment, they sent me for a Non Stress test. It was wonderfully cold in that office!! The a/c was cranked up high and I got to sit on a chair and hear my little boy's heartbeat. His heartrate was good, but he was relaxing a little too much for their liking, so they handed me a bottle of ice cold water. Within 2 seconds of gulping some down, he went crazy kicking. So needless to say, he passed with flying colors.

After that, they did a quick ultrasound to measure the fluid around him. I got to see his little face and his eyes were blinking! I swear, I am so fascinated by all of this. My fluid was at 10.6 and they want it above 8, so good there too!

I will be going to these tests twice weekly until I deliver just to make sure the little guy is good and comfy.

The Doctor did mention that my pelvis is a little narrow, so I'm going to be hanging out on my birth ball as much as possible.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to hurry up and wait for my precious little one to arrive!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Up To Speed

So I gave you the story, now I'm working on giving you some pictures.
Proud Mommy and Daddy!
Also some of my belly pics that I've taken along the way. They were taken sporadically as there really wasn't much change for a while, and quite frankly, I just couldn't get dressed up enough to take pictures in the beginning.

19 weeks 2 days belly

23 weeks 2 days

25 weeks 1 day
Pic is my Sister-in-law with baby Charlotte, my Mom and Me and my boy!
34 weeks 6 days

36 weeks 1 day

A little late, but still early...

So I'm finally getting around to setting up a blog...I'm only 37 weeks, 5 days pregnant, so still plenty of time, right? Turns out, not really, or so we are beginning to think.

I'll quickly bring you up to speed. I am 36, soon to be 37, and my Hubby, John, just turned 33. We were married September 23, 2006 and this is our first baby. We are terribly excited! I took a pregnancy test on December 22nd and it came up positive right away at which point I ran to the bedroom and woke up John to announce "I'm pregnant!", then proceeded to cry, then laugh, a little hysterically. Let's chalk that up to the hormones, shall we?

The timing couldn't have been any more perfect as Christmas was just a few days away and I couldn't keep our Christmas Miracle a secret for very long. So basically I ignored all calls, emails and people until Christmas Eve. I ran out and bought some mini stockings and typed up a poem about our little Christmas Miracle on the way! John and I went to LA to attend the usual Christmas Eve services with my family. I put the poem inside the stockings and was bursting at the seams to spill our news. I will swear that my Mom has a sixth sense of some sort because she kept giving me this "knowing look" like she knew I was going to tell her I was pregnant. My Grandma played it cool, but I'm sure they talked about it on the way to church. My brother and his family got to church right as the opening music started. It didn't stop me from passing out the stockings. They all read their poems (all expect my brother) and then the gasps and giggles started. It was perfect because no scene could be made until after the service, which was great because they had to hold in what I had been holding in for 2 days! My brother finally read the poem, after being elbowed by my sister-in-law, and of course, sweetly had some tears in his eyes. This was all great news as my Brother and Sister-in-Law were also expecting and due in June. Our little ones will be the best of friends and cousins! It was a great night indeed and one I will always treasure. John and I were already beaming with parental pride.

Christmas morning was the usual at my Mom's house. A wonderful brunch followed by lots of presents and more brunch. As I ate, I quickly had to run to the bathroom and puke. I considered that a Christmas gift and a sign of a strong, healthy pregnancy! Call me crazy...most do.

The next few weeks were full of doctor appointments, bloodwork and ultrasounds. I guess because of my "advanced maternal age" they wanted to keep an eye on things. I say, the more I'm monitored, the more I get to see and hear my baby...I'll take it.

John and I had our first ultrasound (the first of MANY) on January 14, 2008 (6 weeks, 5 days pregnant) where we saw a beautiful gestational sac and yolk and saw a heartbeat of 120 beats per minute. Pure miracle.

I had several blood tests done during that time to make sure my hormones were rising as they should. They appeared to be...

On January 28, 2009, we went back to the Doctor to hear the heartbeat. Our baby had grown into what looked like an adorable little gummy bear, and it'd been just 14 days! the heartbeat was a whopping 178 and from everything we had read (old wive's tales), we both thought, it's a girl! The baby measured exactly as it should. Miracle in progress...

More blood tests ensued as I am a worrier (for those that didn't know, I tend to be a tad paranoid). This was a time where my paranoia payed off. It turns out my progesterone levels had started to decline, so I was put on medication to help raise them. I demanded more bloodtests be done and had several more over the next 9 weeks.

February 3rd, we had yet another ultrasound. Baby was definitely growing and limbs were getting bigger and you could see the baby's shape taking place. So fascinating! Blood work was still showing a decline in progesterone even though I was taking medication, so the next step was to introduce intramuscular shots. Yes, I had to give myself a shot every day. I was very nervous, but willing to poke my eyes out if it meant we would have a healthy baby. So the nurse taught me how to administer the shot and I did it right there in her office while she watched. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. And you know what? It wasn't at all as terrible as you'd think.

John wasn't able to assist in these as he is very squeamish with needles and the last thing I wanted was for him to shut his eyes tight and hope he hits the target. I had the nurse draw two circles on my butt to make targets I could see in the mirror. Worked like a charm and John would freshen those up with a sharpee when they faded. Three days into my shots, I guess I got a little cocky and hasty while doing my injection. I administered the shot like normal, but when I pulled out the needle, blood shot out like a leak in a dam! I was stunned and put the needle down and turned around for some tissue to blot it. Well, damage was done. I had sprung a leak and it got everywhere. It looked like a crime scene. My first response was to yell for John, but then when he got close, I told him not to come in for fear he'd pass out at the sight! Well, it was too late, he was at the door. So I tried to clean up as much as I could, but he took over and cleaned it all up while I tended to my butt. That was the only time something like that happened. I stayed on those shots for 14 weeks which I truly believed helped this little miracle continue to develop.

February 18, 2009 (11 weeks 5 days) we had our first trimester screening. Unfortunately, John could not make this one as he had just started training for his new job that very day. I went to the hospital for the ultrasound and had a great lady do the scan. She boasted of her 12 years as an ultrasound tech and that she was often right about the gender, even at 12 weeks. She took her time showing me all the body parts, organs and cute little alien face. I had done some online research prior to the scan (shocker!) and tried to memorize what gender shots looked like. She asked me if I wanted to know what the sex was "just for fun." Duh, of course I do! So she looked and said "it's a boy...well, wait, no it's a girl!" And I had her show me and it all looked like a blur to me, but it did look like the ultrasounds I had seen online. So I went with it, with of course, the thought that it's all for fun, we'll know for sure in 6 more weeks. So I went home and promplty told John we were having a girl. :) Then I called my Mom and told her it was a girl. Then we called John's parents and let them know we were pregnant and having a girl. In my defense, I did end all of these conversations with, it's early, but she really thinks it's a girl (my version of a disclaimer).

We were finally out of the first trimester when we told our friends the news. It was really hard not to tell anyone, but between being so sick (did I mention I felt ill all day for 3 months?) and starting school (did I also mention that I started back at college in January?) I didn't have much time to socialize, nor did I feel like it. On February 20, we went out to happy hour with all of our friends and put our news out there. I was quite nervous to tell people, but once I did, I couldn't shut up about it (just ask them).

April 6, 2009 we had our "big anatomy scan." I wanted my Mom to come down for it since she had never had one ultrasound with my brother or I (?!) so she came down the day before. We headed off to the baby stores and looked at all the pretty pink stuff that I would be decorating my baby girls nursery in. It was overwhelming but everything was so cute. That night I had three separate dreams that we were having a boy and I quickly told both John and my Mom. Of course nobody listened to me as we already "knew" it was girl. So off we went to the hospital for the scan. My bladder was bursting as we waited to be called in. They called me in first and did the measurements, then after a small whiny beg from me, she allowed BOTH John and my Mom in. Apparently they only allow one person, but I was not hearing any of that. John and my Mom came in and saw the baby on the screen. It was fun to watch their faces as she went over the anatomy. Then she said, "would you like to know the sex?" And I jokingly turned to them and said "anyone want to make any wagers? ha ha..." and as I'm saying this, she blurts out (with no excitement whatsoever) "it's a boy." I am telling you this...the looks on John's and my Mom's faces were PRICELESS. John was stunned, like jaw dropped stunned, and my Mom just let out this burst of laughter! I on the other hand, was all business and shouted "SHOW ME!" She gave us the toilet shot and sure as the sky was blue, there was a penis. John said "where is it?" and I said "that ain't a third leg there!" As we walked out, my Mom and I were giggling and John remained silently stunned. We all went to the parking lot to go our separate ways. My Mom left laughing and John remained speechless. I went home and had to process the fact that my little girl was now a little boy and all pink thoughts turned to blue. I normally hate all surprises, but this one, was the best ever! A little boy!

That night John came home and we talked excitedly about all the fishing, camping, T-ball and hunting we had to look forward to with our little BOY. It was a great day. One of the best so far!

At this point, I was feeling really good, almost done with my first semester in school which I did surprisingly well, seeing that I wasn't eating and slept almost 15 hours a day the first 3 months. My energy was starting to come back and the next thing I needed to tackle besides papers and homework was the nursery...cue scary music. That room has been our "justthrowitintheotheroom" room for 6 years. It was too daunting a task to think about in the first trimester, but the nesting instinct soon took hold of me and I was on a mission. I had our friend Mike out to fix the tile in our bathroom, fix our kitchen sink, build shelves in our garage. I was throwing things out, donating and craig listing everything and it felt good! John and I spent many weekends going through old paperwork and junk we had collected since, er, high school? We finally had it all cleared out by mid-June. I am a textbook Type A personality, so I had on my calendar that I would be ordering baby furniture by June and furnishing by July. I had cleaners in, furniture ordered and got to work on my registries. Timelines had been met!

June 6, we had our 4d ultrasound at Before The Stork. I was so excited I invited everyone! My Mom, Muni, Brother, Sister-in-law, nephews, fairy godmother Lisa and my friend Selena. Everyone was teasing saying that most babies that have an audience don't perform, but I was confident any child of mine would love the spotlight. Uh, wrong. I had a full glass of orange juice before going, but this little guy just wanted to sleep...with his arm across his face (just like Daddy). We tried for about 45 to wake him. I hula danced, drank a bit of soda, tried this side and that, but nope, he wasn't having any of it. I should have known any child of mine would be stubborn too! So we got a few shots of his face, but nothing like the ones you'd see in their catalog. I could have cared less though because I was able to see his little face and chubby cheeks! He was my little moon face and he was perfect. The ultrasound tech felt kind of bad that we didn't get any clearer pictures, so she said we could come back the following week to try again. Well, we would go alone, so he'd probably show his little face then, right? Wrong. This next time he was nuzzled into my placenta and the shots were even more fuzzy than the last. I took the few pics we had and said we'd just have to wait to see the little guy when he's ready.

June 10th I had my 28 week growth ultrasound. They check to make sure the baby is growing on target and all organs are functioning well. He was estimated at 2.67 pounds! All other measurements were average, so he's not too big, not too small, he's perfect!

July 25th I had my first baby shower hosted by my Mom. It was a beautiful, HOT day. (summer has been brutal on my largely pregnant, largely over-heated body). We went to Truxton's restaurant and I was so happy to see my family and friends! It was a special day shared with my relatives from Northern California, childhood and lifelong friends. My Mom truly out did herself with the bright decorations, flowers and a cake that said "And Baby Makes Three." The present table was overflowing with gifts to spoil our little man! It took over 2 hours to open everything! Wow! Such a blessing and such love for this perfect little baby that was cooking inside of me. Speaking of cooking, I was doing alot of that at the shower and appreciated it when people came by to mop my brow as I sweated through all the adorable gift opening. What a great day!!!

July 29th (34 weeks 5 days), I went for another growth scan. I was feeling very large at this point and knew that the baby was head down. Perfect! He was estimated at 5.45 pounds! Again, not too big, not too small, just perfect!

That weekend, August 1, I had my second baby shower hosted by my great friend Selena and her mother. It was all my friends from Orange County whom I've been blessed with since moving here 6 years ago! We had a blast and again, the decorations, cupcakes and games were so perfect! There was a clothesline holding up adorable little beach clothes, the smallest little flip flops and sunglasses I've ever seen. Surfboard cupcakes, blue everywhere and sunflowers for Mommy. It was a very fun day with lots of games and crazy ladies! Another mountain of spoils for my baby boy. This baby is so incredibly loved.

On August 12 (36 weeks 5 days) I had my weekly doctor appointment. This was my first internal exam where they check if I'm dilated. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but hey, what am I complaining about...there's way more to deal with later, right? So she checked me and I was a 1/2 cm dilated and 40% effaced and she said she felt the baby's head. OMG. That sounds really gross, but cool all the same. He's in position and ready to meet us!

So that brings us pretty much up to speed from the past 8 1/2 months. This week I have been to the hospital twice. Once because I wasn't feeling the baby move as much and I was a nervous wreck. So better safe than sorry, we went to Labor and Delivery and were quickly monitored. The minute I was hooked up...bam bam bam! He was kicking the monitor like he was David Beckham. I felt a little silly, but I'm a Mom now, I can worry freely, right? I went again yesterday because I thought that I might be leaking some amnio fluid. Turns out I wasn't, but they did keep me there for a non stress test because they noticed I'm having contractions and his little heartbeats were going up and down a bit. The midwife asked me if I was feeling any of them and I said "no, but I do have to pee?" She asked what my level of pain was. Well, pain to me is pain, like cut your finger, bang your funny bone pain. What I feel is discomfort. I have a head in my crotch afterall. So I told her no pain, but then pointed to the door and said "you hear that lady screaming across the hall? That's pain to me, so I'll let you know when I feel that." She said it wouldn't be long.

I have another Doctor appointment tomorrow then a non stress test after that. I was so hoping to have him in September, but I'm really ready to see him now. I am in the "hurry up and wait" mode. I guess we'll know tomorrow how much more I've progressed, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy every precious moment I get to share between me and my boy. Every little kick, hiccup, roll and headbutt to my bladder. Life really doesn't get any better than this.

Stay tuned...