Sunday, August 23, 2009

Random stuff

1. I know EXACTLY what day we conceived.
2. It was a Friday and a full moon that day.
3. I knew what day to test because my boob hurt for 30 seconds.
4. I felt incredibly ill all day and night for 3 months.
5. I learned how to inject a 22 gage needle in my butt, without assistance. I did it for 10 weeks.
6. I take 10 vitamins a day: prenatal, C, Iron, B6, B12, B complex, Folic Acid, DHA/Omega, Calcium and D.
7. I didn’t gain any weight in the entire first trimester.
8. I ate noodle soup (Pho or ramen) almost everyday in the first trimester.
9. I ate a bag of potatoes in the beginning of the 2nd trimester and gained 7 pounds by my next Dr. appointment.
10. I haven’t eaten potatoes much since.
11. Every Tuesday and Thursday at school I would eat ginger and saltines throughout my class.
12. I cried inconsolably while my husband tried to show me how to do an algebra equation.
13. I cried during my Math final.
14. I cried after my Math final.
15. I never got out of my pj’s on non-school days, unless I had a doctor appointment. I still don’t.
16. Metamucil does NOT work.
17. I drink at least a gallon of water every single day.
18. I’ve given up coffee, caffeine, deli meats and sushi since I found out I was pregnant.
19. I’ve requested a subway sandwich and CafĂ© Vanilla for my first post baby meal. Sushi for my second.
20. I cried for powdered donuts.
21. I made my husband walk to the store for ice cream at 9pm. I had one teaspoon of it and was done. I didn’t feel bad about it.
22. I once baked 3 batches of different cookies so I could have one of each.
23. My hair has gotten thicker and now has a weird frizz to it.
24. The hair on my legs doesn’t grow anymore. I wish I could say the same about the grays on my head.
25. I wore the same pair of black sweat pants and baggy t-shirts for 5 months.
26. I have exactly 1 pair of maternity jeans, 2 pairs of capris and 2 skirts that fit and I’ve worn the entire pregnancy.
27. My maternity jeans finally started fitting me at 7 ½ months.
28. I’ve never found a pair of underwear that’s been comfortable with a pregnant body. Under the belly? Over the belly? It’s just not right…
29. I quickly found out that bright patterns DO NOT work on a pregnant body.
30. My boobs have already grown 4 cup sizes and I’m terrified of how big they will end up.
31. I had a dream that I suffocated the baby with my boob.
32. I will never make fun of the chicks in a National Geographic magazine again.
33. I sleep with one body pillow, 3 regular pillows, a neck roll pillow and a mini pillow. I could probably use more.
34. I sleep with 2 fans a foot away from me to beat the heat. It doesn’t work.
35. I eat a bowl of cheerios every night at about 10:30pm.
36. Every Friday I make John sing Happy (insert pregnancy week)with me to the baby (ie. “Happy 38th week to you….and 2 more!”)
37. I play the pregnancy card by rubbing my belly and getting people to help me, get up from their table, open doors or give me things.
38. I worry about my baby constantly and listen to his heartbeat at least 5 times a day.
39. I think about my next meal/snack as I’m eating one.
40. I read and sing to the baby every day.
41. I practiced swaddling a princess teddy bear when I thought we were having a girl.
42. I’ve practiced swaddling a stuffed frog since we found out it’s a boy.
43. I read way to many baby books. I think I’m on my 16th book and that doesn’t include medical articles on the internet or message boards with experienced mothers.
44. Vaccinations scare the hell out of me and I can’t seem to research it enough.
45. I spent an hour questioning the Pediatrician during our half hour interview.
46. I spent another hour debating with my OB about vaccinations and child rearing.
47. Doctors hate me.
48. I’ve passed 4 Gestational Diabetes tests. Pretty sure I don’t have it…
49. I watch a Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby and Birth Day every weekday for 2 hours. I cry at every birth.
50. I secretly want a home birth in a birthing tub.
51. I say I want to have a med free birth, but reserve the right to change my mind.
52. I’m afraid of the things I’ll say and do during labor. I’ve said my apologies in advance and contemplate putting them in my birth plan.
53. I’ve had a birth plan made and printed up for months. I’ve sent it to my mom and John with the subject line “Learn it, Love it, Live it.”
54. I’m not afraid of going poo on the table. Shit happens. Happy Birthday.
55. I have become quite crunchy in the way I want to raise my child (attachment parenting, baby wearing, cloth diapers…)
56. People tell me daily that I’m going to need to be flexible during labor and child rearing. As if…
57. I carry all my ultrasound pictures in a photo album in my purse.
58. I haven’t eaten gummy bears since his 2nd ultrasound because he resembled one.
59. I close my eyes every day for few minutes trying to picture what he looks like.
60. I hope he has his Dad’s eyes and my teeth.
61. I had a dream he had red hair and blue eyes. Anything is possible.
62. I really want him to have a moon face.
63. Our nickname for baby is Mooner (conceived on a full moon, remember?) , but also Moon Face- Block Head- Comma Toe. (don’t ask, but know it comes from a loving place)
64. The baby layed transverse until my 7th month. He’s been laying on my right side the rest of the time, creating a lopsided belly.
65. I weigh myself about 25 times a day.
66. I have gained 16 pounds as of today (38 weeks 2 days).
67. I started waddling and rubbing my belly when I found out I was pregnant.
68. I really wanted a Virgo baby, and I’m going to get one.
69. I (secretly) love it when people rub my belly.
70. I only talk about baby stuff. Before pregnancy and during…I’m sure it’ll be worse when he’s here.
71. I talk about ALL the details of my pregnancy with my friends, even the details they just don’t want to hear.
72. I used to shop for makeup and clothes. Now I research and shop for diapers and baby gadgets.
73. I already own 4 baby carriers.
74. I practice wearing them with the stuffed frog.
75. I’ve had the nursery and all his clothes and blankets washed and ready for a month.
76. I had to get a 7 passenger car to accommodate baby and his “stuff.”
77. I’ve had the car seat installed for a month too.
78. I sit in the nursery twice a day to feel closer to baby (even though he’s as close as he can get).
79. I can’t stand people that tell me I have too much or don’t need something. If I want it, I’ll get it. Let me decide!
80. I had my hospital bag lists typed up for months.
81. I packed all 3 of my bags, labeling them “Labor and Delivery,” “Hospital Stay,” and “Baby Bag.” The boppy is already in the car.
82. I packed a baby book in the labor bag so John and my Mom can refer to “partner” sections so they’ll know what to do.
83. I am praying that no one tells me to “relax” during delivery. I pity the fool…
84. I have vowed not to allow any TV for the first 2 years of his life, however, reserve the right to change my mind.
85. I didn’t renew my People magazine subscription because I’ve already subscribed to 3 baby magazines.
86. I watched the Little League World Series in hopes that someday I’ll be cheering my little boy on there some day.
87. I cried when my husband told a friend that in a few years he’d be “taking his son hunting on Opening Day for his birthday.” (because it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard)
88. I’ll admit I’m afraid I’m going to feel left out when it’s a “boys only” trip.
89. I love my husband more every time I feel our little boy, knowing he’s part me and part him.
90. I want to be a Den Mother, T ball coach, room mother and have that house that all his friends want to hang out at.
91. We still don’t have a name for him.
92. I know my boy is going to be cute.
93. I know my boy will be smart.
94. I know my boy will have a strong personality. Impossible not to with a Mom and Dad like us.
95. I know that I’ve never loved anyone more than I love my boy.

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