Thursday, August 27, 2009

Scare tactics

This is why I loathe doctors. They dwell on worst case scenarios (age, weight, stillbirth, previous surgeries). As if I don’t already do that for myself. I mean, I LIVE for worst case scenarios so that anything better is GREAT! I mean forget the fact that I don’t have Gestational Diabetes or Pre-Eclampsia like they were certain I would (and yes, I know I can still develop it). Overall, I’ve had a very healthy pregnancy, minus the whole low progesterone/shot in the butt deal and my own paranoid thoughts.
Today I am 38 weeks, 6 days. I had an appointment with the doctor and I’m still just 40% effaced and now 1 cm dilated. So this set her into motion using buzz words like “induction,” “c section,” “Cytotec,” “c section,”, “Pre-eclampsia,” “placental failure,” “stillbirth,” and did I mention “c section?”
She knows I am paranoid. She knows I research EVERYTHING. When I asked about using Cervidil instead of Cytotec she gave me some bs answer that they don’t make Cervidil anymore and they use Cytotec. Well, that just doesn’t work for me. A) I don’t buy bs, B) the FDA has NOT approved the use of Cytotec for inductions and C) Cervidil is widely used nationwide. Spare me Doc…can’t shut me up with your BS…and you think she’d know better by now. At least I do…
So we ended the discussion with a “we’ll make a plan at the next appointment.” Off I went to have my NST and see what the fluid levels were. The baby was in full motion today (guess he enjoyed the granola bar I scarfed down in the waiting room). So that was great. Then we did the ultrasound and the fluid levels seemed to be lower at 8.6cm. Anything 5 and under is cause for automatic induction or c-section as that would be deemed LOW and could cause distress on the baby. So since it’s lowering, I got the grave talk about watching for kick counts, come in as fast as I could if I didn’t feel the baby move, etc. As if I don’t already freak out enough. I am hyperaware of this baby’s movements and when he doesn’t move, I get out the trusty fetal stethoscope I thankfully purchased at 13 weeks pregnant. And as the lovely staff in Labor and Delivery know, I’m not afraid to show up for monitoring.
Needless to say, I am not a doctor, but I am not an idiot either and these kinds of scare tactics just burn my buns.
That’s all for rants today.
I bought some eggplant, balsamic vinegar and have been sitting on my birth ball non-stop. I’ve even talked to the baby and let him know that we are ready for him to come out and please put some pressure on my cervix. I’m hoping he’s an obliging child. He’s a Virgo, he should be on time, if not early, right?! It’s pretty funny all the things people are telling me to try to go into labor. They are funny, but I find myself trying them. Only time will tell and it seems like we’re running out of that.
Oh to be an “Advanced Maternal Aged mom.”

Stay tuned …

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