Thursday, August 20, 2009

37 Weeks 6 days

I had my weekly Doctor appointment today. 7:15 am! It's almost criminal to make appointments that early. Had a lovely chat with my Doctor and then she checked me out. I am still dilated a 1/2 cm and still 40% effaced, but now my cervix is soft. (Last week it was still hard). So I am progressing slowly, which is a good thing. I am full term tomorrow, but would like to have him in September. (don't ask, I just do!)

After the appointment, they sent me for a Non Stress test. It was wonderfully cold in that office!! The a/c was cranked up high and I got to sit on a chair and hear my little boy's heartbeat. His heartrate was good, but he was relaxing a little too much for their liking, so they handed me a bottle of ice cold water. Within 2 seconds of gulping some down, he went crazy kicking. So needless to say, he passed with flying colors.

After that, they did a quick ultrasound to measure the fluid around him. I got to see his little face and his eyes were blinking! I swear, I am so fascinated by all of this. My fluid was at 10.6 and they want it above 8, so good there too!

I will be going to these tests twice weekly until I deliver just to make sure the little guy is good and comfy.

The Doctor did mention that my pelvis is a little narrow, so I'm going to be hanging out on my birth ball as much as possible.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue to hurry up and wait for my precious little one to arrive!

Stay tuned...

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