Monday, August 31, 2009

All plugged up? Not anymore...

Ok, so here's where the squeamish people get a warning. This will be TMI for most, but informational for others. Feel free to skip this post if you get grossed out. I figure this is part of the pregnancy that nobody speaks of, but that's not my style, as you will soon find out.

After my last discussion with the doctor about induction, I researched and asked around for natural ways to speed up labor. I ate a pineapple, which has bromelain and has the same properties as prostaglandins, which are also found in sperm. Prostaglandins help aid in the softening of the cervix. I ate a mango as well, same thing. I had salad with balsamic vinegar, ate eggplant, sat on my birth ball for hours, did squats and went for short walks (short because I huff and puff and waddle too much). I felt alot of pressure down yonder all day yesterday and this morning woke up and lost what I believe is my mucus plug. It was quite the surprise, and quite gross. I tried to get John to take a look but he was disgusted by thought. And I also thought for a minute to take a picture, but even I have limits.

So this morning (39 weeks 3 days) I had another NST at 7:30am. I went in all excited to tell the nurse that I had lost my plug and all she said was "Oh that's good. So it could be plus or minus 2 weeks until labor kicks in." What? I thought I read that it could happen anywhere from 24-72 hours after losing the plug? Oh well, on to Plan B I suppose...but what exactly is Plan B? Guess we'll find out on Wednesday.

The NST went very well. Baby boy was bouncing all over the place, but I unfortunately was not having any contractions whatsoever. The ultrasound showed the fluid level up slightly at 9.1 and I was told that if it gets lower than 8, I'll be monitored daily, if it dips below 6, I'll be admitted. Well, I don't know if we'll get to that seeing that Wednesday I'll be making some decisions with my Doctor about when and how to induce.

I received a great phone call from my Grandmother today. She told me to stop wasting time and take castor oil like she did to have her babies. She's had 5 so I suppose she knows what she's talking about. I told her I'd consider it after my appointment on Wednesday. I really think that the appointment will show some progress and I'll hopefully be more dilated.

I'm so excited at this point and just plain old ready for baby to come!

Stay tuned...

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